Cardio MR researcher attends 4D flow MRI workshop 2019

Julio Sotelo, researcher at Núcleo Milenio Cardio MR presented at the “4D flow MRI workshop 2019”, where international experts related to the area of blood flow obtained by magnetic resonance or also known as “4D Flow MRI” get together.

“Selecting among the rich amount of flow parameters” and “This is how we quantify and visualize WSS in Santiago” are the titles of the talks that Julio Sotelo, researcher of the Milenio Cardio MR Nucleus, presented at the 4D flow MRI workshop 2019 held in the city of York, England.

“One of the main characteristics of this Workshop is that the community related to the 4D Flow MRI technique meets to establish the norms and standards of acquisition of flow images obtained by magnetic resonance”, explains Sotelo.

He adds: “This year more than 20 research centers participated worldwide.”

It should be noted that, in the last 8 years, Julio Sotelo’s research has focused on the creation of novel numerical methods to quantify cardiovascular parameters.

“These methods have aroused great interest in the medical community, as they will provide doctors with new metrics for evaluation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases,” explains Sotelo.

In this workshop we established collaborations with several universities loke Leeds University, Michigan University, King’s College London and Leiden University. These institutions are related to the quantification of cardiovascular parameters, in various cardiovascular pathologies such as aortic dissection, transposition of the great vessels, patients with bicuspid valve, etc.

Collaborations with the University of Leeds

In addition, the researcher met with pediatric cardiologist Dr. Malenka Bissel of the University of Leeds where the English researcher was trained in the Matlab softwave toolbox developed to quantify a series of cardiovascular parameters simultaneously.

“Together with Dr. Bissel, we established new collaborations with her medical research group, and the computer simulation group at the University of Leeds led by Dr. Alex Frangi, who are interested in using our cardiovascular quantification tools, as parameters of entry to their computer simulations, “Sotelo concludes.