The “outreach” or linkage with the Middle Millennium Nucleus Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance aims to raise awareness of issues related to the cardiovascular system.

The core Milenio Cardio MR aims to develop imaging technology to understand the functioning of the cardiovascular system and associated diseases.

The topics that address our activities related to the environment are related to our lines of research. We intend to provide general knowledge about cardiovascular diseases and their prevention, and motivate the general public to understand the contributions of mathematics, physics and engineering in modern medicine.

In Instagram we share images and cards related to CardioVascular Magnetic Resonance.
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Diploma in Magnetic Resonance UC

Is it a non-invasive feature?

The classes of the Diploma in Magnetic Resonance UC have an online modality and blended are led by Sergio Uribe, Director of the Milenio Cardio MR Nucleus.

The aim of the Diploma is to strengthen the competences of physicians and health professionals in the application of magnetic resonance imaging.

For more information visit www.medicina.uc.cl/educacion-continua