Millennium Nucleus in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

*Entry and exit of the Left Ventricle


Intrahepatic fatty acids composition as a biomarker of NAFLD progression from steatosis to NASH by using 1H-MRS
Authors: Aline Xavier, Flavia Zacconi, Constanza Gainza, Daniel Cabrera, Marco Arrese, Sergio Uribe, Carlos Sing-Long, Marcelo E. Andia
Source: RSC Advances
Publication date: 19-12-2019

Low and Oscillatory Wall Shear Stress Is Not Related to Aortic Dilation in Patients With Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Authors: Lydia Dux-Santoy, Andrea Guala, Julio Sotelo, Sergio Uribe, Gisela Teixidó-Turà, Aroa Ruiz-Muñoz, Daniel E. Hurtado, Filipa Valente,
Source: Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Publication date: 05-12-2019

Multi-fidelity classification using Gaussian processes: Accelerating the prediction of large-scale computational models
Authors: F. Sahli, P. Perdikaris, E. Kuhl, D. E. Hurtado
Source: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Publication date: 01-12-2019

Automatic quantification of fat infiltration in paraspinal muscles using T2-weighted images: An OsiriX application
Authors: C. Arrieta, J. Urrutia, P. Besa, C. Montalba, N. Lafont, M. E. Andia, S. Uribe
Source: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
Publication date: 30-11-2019

Mapping regional strain in anesthetised healthy subjects during spontaneous ventilation
Authors: P. Cruces, B. Erranz, F. Lillo, M. Sarabia, P. Iturrieta, F. Morales, K. Blaha, T. Medina, F. Diaz, D. E. Hurtado
Source: BMJ Open Respiratory Research
Publication date: 28-10-2019

Pediatric heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia patients have locally increased aortic pulse wave velocity and wall thickness at the aortic root
Authors: Andrew Tran, Barbara Burkhardt, Animesh Tandon, Sarah Blumenschein, Arna van Engelen, Marina Cecelja, Song Zhang, Sergio Uribe, Joaquin Mura, Gerald Greil, Tarique Hussain
Source: The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Publication date: 01-10-2019

Red Wine Grape Pomace Attenuates Atherosclerosis and Myocardial Damage and Increases Survival in Association with Improved Plasma Antioxidant Activity in a Murine Model of Lethal Ischemic Heart Disease
Authors: Katherine Rivera, Francisca Salas-Pérez, Guadalupe Echeverría, Inés Urquiaga, Sara Dicenta, Druso Pérez, Paula de la Cerda, Leticia
Source: Nutrients
Publication date: 06-09-2019

Intracardiac 4D Flow MRI in Congenital Heart Disease: Recommendations on Behalf of the ISMRM Flow & Motion Study Group
Authors: Liang Zhong, Eric Schrauben, Julio Garcia Flores, Sergio Uribe, Stuart Grieve, Mohammed Elbaz, Alex Barker, Julia Geiger, Sarah
Source: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Publication date: 01-09-2019

Noise estimation for the velocity in MRI phase-contrast
Authors: Pablo Irarrázaval, Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi, Sergio Uribe, Cristián Tejos, Carlos Sing-Long
Source: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Publication date: 23-08-2019

Impact of b-Value Sampling Scheme on Brain IVIM Parameter Estimation in Healthy Subjects
Authors: Stéren Chabert, Jorge Verdu, Gamaliel Huerta, Cristian Montalba, Pablo Cox, Rodrigo Riveros, Sergio Uribe, Rodrigo Salas, Alejandro
Source: Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences
Publication date: 06-08-2019

Quantification of liver fat infiltration by magnetic resonance
Authors: PRodrigo Herrera, Francisco Penaloza, Cristobal Arrieta, Flavia Zacconi, Victor Saavedra, Carla Saavedra, Cecilia Branes, Thomas Hack, Sergio Uribe
Source: Revista Médica de Chile
Publication date: 01-07-2019

Comparison of q-Space Reconstruction Methods for Undersampled Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Data
Authors: Gabriel E. Varela-Mattatall, Alexandra Koch, Rüdiger Stirnberg, Steren Chabert, Sergio Uribe, Cristian Tejos, Tony Stöcker, Pablo Irarrazaval
Source: Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences
Publication date: 10-05-2019

Optimal Dual-VENC Unwrapping in Phase-Contrast MRI
Authors: Carrillo, Hugo; Osses, Axel; Uribe, Sergio; Bertoglio, Cristobal
Publication date: 01-05-2019